The 7 Most Terrible Betting Mistakes of a Beginner

The 7 Most Terrible Betting Mistakes of a Beginner

Betting is a game of chance that has left thousands of people without money. And all largely because they could not control their emotions. Both extremes are dangerous. Won several times in a row – rejoice, but do not stay in euphoria and act with a cool head, as before. Winning is a dangerous thing, it can push you to bet even in an environment where you are not too sure, but hope for chance and luck, “because it already worked, and to lose what you earned is not so pathetic.

But losses, of course, are much worse. 

For those who by life do not know how to lose – it is too hard, the desire to win back instantly and again bet on something unobvious, usually leads to a complete collapse. This is especially true for in-play betting. A handicap on the team does not work, then bet on the total less, and even at an inconvenient odds, but after all, not much time is left until the end of the match, so it will definitely pass. And then the teams exchange goals, then we finally lose our temper, bet on the score, because with five minutes before the whistle it is sure to play, but then again a goal. We lose a lot of money on one match, even if we could do with just one bet. There are a lot of examples like that. Losing money in several matches due to the inability to control yourself is a classic story.

Betting on your favorite team

Betting Mistakes

Here, no matter how you control your emotions, there is still a huge risk of failure. It is possible to bet against your favorite team to be less upset about the defeat, but this is completely irrelevant to competent betting. Betting on your favorite team is dangerous even if many of the pre-match odds are in its favor. Subconsciously you still believe in the success of your club and probably overestimate its strength. Everything that is associated with unnecessary emotional manifestations – better exclude from the betting altogether. Keep your favorite club for purely sporting pleasure. It’ll save your capital, too.

Betting without preparation

Of course, no one guarantees that a bet will necessarily go through if you have prepared for the match to the fullest extent and have complete information. 

That’s sports. 

  • Even if team A has won all ten games against team B, and even if it’s a draw, there’s always the risk that today, in the 11th game, a draw will happen. 
  • But it’s much worse if you don’t know about any series or pre-game odds at all. In this case, it’s like betting at random, which can go once, twice, but the long run will eat up all your cash reserves.

There are a lot of different sites now that provide a lot of information on a particular match. Injury lists, team uniforms, pre-match news, curious numbers, field conditions, even the weather are all important. It doesn’t take much time to read, but you’ll build up your own knowledge base, which will help in the future as well. You shouldn’t pay attention strictly to one thing in particular (for example, a long unbeaten streak or the history of matches between each other). It is necessary to take into account everything that can be taken into account with the help of previews on the Internet.

Improper money management

It is always tempting to bet half the pot on a favorite, which is sure to work and there is no need to panic. Yes, you do. And not because of the favorite. But because of the risk of losing a lot of money on an absolute foolishness. Good money allocation is extremely important, and no matter how much you want to bet on a tempting forecast, you shouldn’t blow it. This is just a matter of self-discipline. If you really want to, you can bet a little more than you usually do, but you should rarely do that. Experienced bettors recommend to spend no more than 2-5% of the total bank on the size of one bet. It seems small, but it works and it can save your capital.

Believing in low odds

A continuation of the previous point. Bets with odds up to 1.3 will mostly win, but the profit from them will be paltry, and one unsuccessful bet will swallow what you earned earlier, it’s pure mathematics. Of course, there is another way out – to make expresses by picking a few events with small odds, but even such a strategy sooner or later will bring a loss, because there are many sensations in sport. Single bets at low odds simply do not make any sense. A win at odds 1.1 will not bring any comfort and there is no profit to be made from it either. And betting on the favorites alone with low odds is totally unprofitable in the long run.

Lots of betting, betting every day

If you take your betting very seriously, read and prepare a lot, but bet a lot and don’t take breaks, you’re bound to start losing in the future. One of the main principles of betting – do not turn into a zombie, because your brain, honed only on sports analytics and plowing without days off, will simply refuse to perceive new information and unload it on the shelves. Betting is the same work, and you must have a rest from work, then its quality will not suffer. Switching your head to other activities, socializing (just not about betting) and fresh air is the right strategy. Because only a refreshed and rested brain can help you correctly analyze the situation.

Contractions in sports and catching them

The Internet has long been replete with attractive reports of “100% match-fixing”, information about which you can buy for a pittance. The brain immediately turns on a simple mathematics: minus 100 dollars for the purchased “information”, bet 1000 dollars on what “advised” – there is a win, and the 100 dollars are easily repaid. Only there is a nuance – there will be no gain, and in the deficit of the above example would be all 1100 dollars, a hundred of which is given to anyone who does not understand. It is a pure scam which should be ignored at all times. Only a very narrow circle of people have information about organizing scams and they would never sell it for very little money.

Buying forecasts is not much different. Again, paying for a prediction is everyone’s business, but the vast majority of those who sell are either cheaters or people who have no success in betting. It’s easy to make money off overly trusting people. In fact, there are very competent bettors for whom betting as a profession. They analyze a lot, they have serious experience in this business, they easily show their results, they share free predictions and do not erase losing ones. But such people are very few and not easy to find. So it’s better to learn on your own. In doing so, it’s best to use seven simple rules.

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