Tips for beginner bettors


It can take a long time to become an expert in sports betting. Indeed, to make a profit in the long run, you will have to analyze a lot of games and observe the activities of casinos and other leading sportsbooks. But 22Bet will tell you how to place bets correctly, on which sports and how often. 

Nevertheless, we know a strategy that can save you from all this hassle. You should follow sports betting tips! 

Can you know everything about betting?

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The Internet is currently flooded with offers from all sorts of “experts” who know everything about betting and, in some cases, have knowledge of the outcome of a particular sporting event. Their offer to buy a sure thing, that is the correct outcome of the event for your bet is often a common scam.

There is another category of people – professionals engaged in betting for more than a year. Their income is largely provided by:

  • Vast experience;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the subject;
  • Regular study of statistics.

Such players do not flaunt their skills too much, preferring to earn in the game with bookmakers, as they say, one-on-one. At the same time, they adhere to certain rules.

Five tips from professional bettors


If you decide to bet on soccer, the first step is to assess the limits of your own financial strength. That is, you need to determine for yourself the size of the bank and one bet. The size of the second should not exceed 3% of the size of the first. Then we develop a strategy and start betting.


The so-called megalomania bettor should avoid. Sooner or later in the life of every player there comes a streak when he is constantly winning. Here it is impossible to get carried away: as soon as the first loss occurs after a series of victories, stop. Sometimes it is better to distract from odds, favorites, underdogs, outcomes and so on. Professional poker players call such a state of mind, in which bets are made on emotions – tilt. Those who could not cope with delusions of grandeur, began to lose time after time. Right up to bankruptcy.


Predict the outcome of events only in that sport, you really understand. Do not forget to keep track of all the news related to it, and study the statistics of duels, read the opinions of experts. It is easy to do it on any betting site, where you can find all the necessary information.


Professional bettors do not operate with such concepts as favorite and disliked team (club). Those who intend to make money with betting should abandon these categories. Betting against Sevilla just because you support Valencia is a way to nowhere.


There are many other interesting things in life besides betting. You shouldn’t base your life solely on it, because, after all, we all have family and friends that need our attention.

The best strategy – the right combination of recreation and play!

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