The principle of any slot machine

The principle of any slot machine

Learn how to play the slot machines, eager not only their fans but also people who have never met face to face with the “one-armed bandits” in popular institutions, such as Casino Slot B.

Mechanisms that rotate the cherished numbers, algorithms for the formation of winning combinations – for almost every player is a mystery covered in darkness. What controls the metal box or a brightly colored slot, looking at us from the screen?

Slot machines: what to what

Since its inception, slot machines have not changed the principles of operation. The device is based on several reels, which the player runs in anticipation of winning. The drums are active lines, densely packed with colorful images – the symbols of the slot. Manages the process of forming combinations of these characters is no one else but chance.

Winning combinations are formed by matching symbols on the same line. The number of reels in modern slot machines is from 3 to 5 pieces. The number of active lines and symbols in different types of slots is different.

What are the slot machines. How lines play in the slots and how they are arranged

The same principle of operation, but have a broader functionality have online slot machines. Now, in addition to the coincidence of the characters on the lines of winnings brings the appearance on the stopped reels of special pictures – Scatter, Wild. Online slots users also have access to bonus rounds. Yes, and the game itself has become more exciting, because it got a specific storyline.

How to form a winning combination

Any combination falling out on slot machines – pure chance. For their formation is responsible random number generator. It happens continuously, and when the player starts the reels, the RNG gives a number that determines when they stop. The work of the random number generator defies logic:

  • The algorithm generates thousands of numbers every second;
  • The number to stop the drums is selected automatically by a special mathematical module;
  • predict the outcome of the rotation is impossible, as well as calculate the work of the RNG.

From the player in this process does not depend. Does not increase the chances of winning a long continuous game, or try to rip the lot after a few successes in a row.

Software for Slots

Creating software for slot machines – the responsibility of specialized developers. These are individual professionals who have no relation to the virtual casino, but they know about their work literally everything. Developers are, in fact, the game providers. With their participation the process of the online casino looks as follows:

  • A person starts an online casino game session;
  • The browser on his computer connects to the servers of the provider serving a particular game slots;
  • Provider to a special mathematical algorithm generates random numbers;
  • Casino acts as an intermediary, monitors the bets and notifies the player about the result of the session.

These manipulations, despite their apparent complexity, take only a few seconds. Each spin of the reel is processed in 200 milliseconds.

The casino has no influence whatsoever on the probability of winning; all results are random. The only responsibility of the online casino is to pay out winnings. To get honestly earned money in the game, you need to choose only well-known virtual casinos with a long history of payouts and good reviews.

Payout percentage of the slot game

Payout percentage, abbreviated RTP – a concept known not to all fans of gambling. This payout ratio is a clear demonstration of the percentage ratio of money spent on bets at a long distance and the amount of winnings received by the player.

  • If the RTP rate at the casino is 95%, you can imagine that the game, which spent 1 million rubles (1 ruble per bet), will bring the player 950 thousand rubles.

The amount of potential winnings for players depends on the duration of the gameplay and the number of rounds in it. To get close to the declared indicator RTP, the game should be as long as possible.

The payout ratio is one of the main factors when choosing an online casino. Virtual gambling establishments with RTP of 96-97% are in the greatest demand.

The concept of dispersion of slot machines

Dispersion or volatility of game slots is a measure of the dynamics and performance of a particular machine for its users. All Internet slots can be characterized by:

  • low volatility;
  • Average variance;
  • A high level of dispersion.

The lower the level of dispersion, the smaller the amount of winnings, but the higher their frequency. With high volatility the frequency of winnings is minimal, but their sum is able to fully cover all costs and allow the user to earn significantly. Average variance means that the slot is characterized by the average indicators of frequency of winnings and their sums.

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