The right betting strategies to win at Craps

The right betting strategies to win at Craps

Winning at craps can be less difficult than at other betting games. Reading the basics carefully from the beginning will give you the first basic knowledge you need. It’s all about limiting your losses and knowing the rules of the game.

Securing your money

If you want to know how to prosper by playing craps, keep your money close to you and don’t let it get away. You should not bet with money you do not have. If you are planning a big getaway to Vegas, you probably have a certain amount of money to spend on betting games and you will probably get depressed if you lose all that money. Don’t think it’s okay to throw away a hundred euros just because you have a little bit more on you.

Smart strategies

This is an example of a smart bet you can learn. 

  • If you have a minimum bet of $5 and a buy-in of $100, start with a maximum bet of $5 to $12. This can give you a chance to make some profit before you start increasing the bet level.
  • You should have a minimum of $110 in the chip basket before you can start increasing your bets. 
  • So place $5 on the pass line, and if your bet wins, start increasing your bets.
  • Better yet, you can stay on the $5 and rely on the odds.

Another strategy

Playing on multiple line bets is also another strategy that you may occasionally adopt. The basic system works like this. When you play on the line, you must use your space advantage to get the maximum odds. When betting 6 and 8 inside or across, you should only press the numbers that give you the best odds using the few euros you would have won to press 4, 5, 9 and 10. However, focus mainly on 6 and 8. Remember not to hit indefinitely, as you need to make some profit every time you hit to continue to improve your craps experience.

3rd Betting Strategy

This is the last strategy you might try. You should never try to use a system that only encourages proposal betting, but you could occasionally try a protection bet on your pass line. If this bet requires you to spend one euro to win seven in return, and if you get Craps, you can make a profit of two euros. Beware, you should use this strategy only if you have already made a profit, so that a loss of one euro does not hinder any progress you may have made.

Some final tips

While having a good knowledge of the games can really help to lower the casino odds, just keep in mind that these odds cannot be completely eliminated. The normal change in odds is the only way to win with enough money in your pocket. Now that you know a little bit more about how to win at craps, it’s time to start implementing some of these strategies.

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