The nuances of the game on the machines, which will help win

Winning slot machines

Winning slot machines

Informed people think that the principle of the game on the various slot machines is the same – you know, beat your buttons, but experienced players know that almost every machine needs its own strategy games. It is worth immediately stating that most strategies are nothing more than superstition, but there are also such techniques that really help to win. This article does not describe dubious ways such as Martenheil strategy (permanent doubling of bets), and even less attempts to reprogram the software, which could lead to a ban in the casino or even criminal prosecution, but specifies the features of various slot machines. They will help to prolong the process of playing and, with a high probability, will give the opportunity to get a real win.

What you need to know to increase your chances of winning

Slot machine tips

Next, with machines Igrosoft, the correct strategy on slots this manufacturer gives good results. Since the devices of the company – Monkey, Keks, Cork, etc., are fairly homogeneous, this feature applies to all games. The secret is the peculiarity of the game at risk – even when a player chooses to double up and sees the card, you can change your mind and put your winnings in the account. And since in case the gambler chooses a card equal to the proposed one, it turns out that there is no risk at the “Double” card. Therefore, experienced players always click on the double, with any amount, and it happens that it is possible without risk to double even winnings of a few hundred dollars or score a good piece of change. The same strategy applies to Belatra machines.

Megadjack and Unicum do not have such opportunities in the risk game, but they have a significant feature – you can stop the reels with the buttons. At SlotsV this feature is preserved and online. Choosing the right combination of keystrokes can actually win, though, to do this you need some time to study the machine, because each machine has its own combination.

How to beat a slot machine

Features of specific slot machines

  • In Aztec Gold you should follow the movements of the toad, which sits in the corner during the bonus game and change the pyramid when it brings a paw to his mouth
  • In Fruit Cocktai you should never gamble if the offered card is a Four.
  • In the bonus game Fairy Land, you can easily overcome the swamp, moving on the edge of the lilies, alternating left and right
  • In Book of Ra books more often fall on the fifth line
  • In Space Wars the appearance of at least one crystal on the drums says that it is necessary to increase the bet – in front of the gain

It should be noted that 100% winnings can not be guaranteed for either method, there is more depends on luck. But to extend the game and significantly increase the chances of big winnings with free tips how to beat the slot machines, get exactly!

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